Impresión 3D, un acercamiento a la realidad al servicio de nuestros proyectos

Como un esfuerzo para acercar más a la realidad los modelos de los diferentes componentes de un proyecto ingenieril, Integral incursiona en la impresión 3D como una alternativa para traer al mundo físico los modelos de las piezas que adquieren especial importancia en su manufacturación.


Archaeological findings in the area of ​​influence of HidroItuango

A roller from the Late Period (9th - 16th centuries) was one of the findings at the Angelina Site located in the Municipality of Buriticá, Antioquia.


New infrastructure project with the IDU

Integral undertakes great challenges in road infrastructure in Bogotá. The Urban Development Institute - IDU awarded Integral S.A. the contract for the supervision of the studies and designs of different road sections in the Capital of Colombia.


The project "APP Túnel de Sur Connection" is already in pre-feasibility stage.

The project "APP Túnel de Sur Connection" is already in pre-feasibility stage. The CCI informed that the Government of Antioquia accepted the proposal and registered it in the Single Registry of Public-Private Partnerships. Now they have 90 days to respond if this proyect is still of interest.



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