Quality, safety, workplace health, and environment

Integral S.A. is dedicated to the provision of consulting engineering services in all fields. It works systematically to conduct all its processes focused on continuous improvement in quality, safety, workplace health and environment, in accordance with national and international legal requirements and consistent with its vision, mission and values. Within this framework we are committed to:

  • Offer a service that includes responsiveness, technological innovation and optimization of cost-benefit-risk, which guarantees the permanence of customers.
  • Minimize risks in all processes, with the participation of all interested parties in accordance with current legal regulations and other applicable requirements included in the HSE-Q systems.
  • Promote self-management in all processes carried out in the business group.
  • Commit our employees and the personnel of contractors, suppliers and third parties to comply with the standards established in HSE-Q.
  • Periodically review the Integral Policy.

Privacy policy

Integral S.A. recognizes the importance of security, privacy and confidentiality of personal data provided by individuals, so it is committed to its protection and proper handling, according to the legal regime of personal data protection.


Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Risk Management System manual

Anti-corruption policy

Integral S.A.’s anticorruption Policy and its Subsidiaries.